Warehouse systems integrationWhile you can outfit your warehouse or distribution center with the best pallet rack, sortation systems, conveyor lines, and warehouse management software the entire material handling industry has to offer, none of it will add up to anything without an overarching plan tying it all together. Material handling systems integration is the process by which the different sections of your facility are combined and made to work together as a single seamless operation.

A Commitment to Clean Design

At Speedrack Midwest, our goal is to help you accomplish your goals by looking at the bigger picture. Our design philosophy revolves around what is right for your entire building, placing a heavy emphasis on cleanness and simplicity. That's how we determine where you will meet your optimal efficiency and achieve the best return on investment.

It is never about the individual components that make up your facility, but about how it all works together. This mindset allows us to work with multiple vendors and entertain material handling solutions that work specifically for you. That way you are sure to get the systems and equipment you need, integrated in a way that increases production while maintaining a steadfast commitment to safety.

Determining the Integrity of Your Warehouse

Integrity is a good word to think about when you're considering its derivative: integration. The concept revolves around wholeness and solidity, not just of personal character, but of structures like your warehouse or DC, too. In fact, your production facility consists of many things that are integral to its overall design, and we like to factor many of them into our research to determine where you can best improve your operations. Some of the areas in which we can help are the following:

  • Operational analysis: time studies and other tests can be run to find out where production is getting held up, which helps us figure out what parts of your facility need improvement.
  • Consolidation: if your space is not being utilized properly or things are too spread about, we can look into maximizing your available space to help with storage and product flow in your warehouse or DC.
  • SKU analysis: get the right product to the right place in your warehouse with the right systems and software, no matter how many kinds of products or packages you have.
  • Warehouse management systems (WMS): software to track productivity and pinpoint problems can be chosen to best monitor your operations.
  • Pallet rack, shelving, and storage systems: integrating your storage based on product flow in your facility is our specialty. Your storage systems will be perfectly integrated with your conveyor lines, and can incorporate picking, sorting, and packaging operations.
  • Conveyor systems: choose the right type of conveyor to transport your product throughout your production facility to meet your efficiency goals.
  • Picking and packing stations: Incorporate ergonomic workstations into your production line to allow your workers to perform their jobs efficiently and safely.

There is no limit to what Speedrack Midwest can do for your warehouse. From the smallest warehouse to the largest distribution center, if you have a vision for the future and want to grow, contact us today to figure out how to get there. You can reach us at 616-887-8886 or by writing to us online.