Our material handling solutions encompass all aspects of your warehouse or distribution center, ranging from pallet rack and maintenance equipment to complex conveyor systems and warehouse management system software necessary to get your product out the door. If you are looking for an expert in systems integration, Speedrack Midwest has the knowledge and experience you need to grow into a professional production facility with most up-to-date equipment, standards, and practices.

Experts in Integration

We can assist you with upgrades, expansions, consolidations, liquidations, and much more as you seek to bring your business to the next level. Our eye is always on the safest, most practical way to achieve the operational efficiency you need to make the return on your investment and keep growing for the future.

Our strategic partnerships with numerous material handling suppliers and original equipment manufacturers give us the means to find the right equipment for you. At the same time, we maintain a firm stance on vendor neutrality so that we get you the customized system you need without anything that stands in the way of your efficiency.

Solutions for Every Corner of Your Warehouse

Of the many services we can extend to you, our core set of services extends to the following categories as we help you integrate your material handling solutions.

  • Design: find yourself looking at the best design options for your warehouse based on heavy research into your needs and capabilities. Our customized integrated solutions will make the most of your budget and available space.
  • Engineering: we meticulously plan out your whole system and choose the right equipment from specific suppliers to ensure that your integrated material handling system runs the way it should.
  • Installation and Removal: rely on our selection of the best people to get the job done, prioritizing safety and speed as our crews work inside your facility.
  • FREE Space Analysis and Safety Inspection: let us survey your pallet rack and integrated material handling systems to find potential safety hazards and efficiency shortfalls before providing you with a full report of our recommendations.
  • Inventory liquidation: if you need to sell off your equipment due to a closure, consolidation, or move, we can manage the removal and disposal of all your assets, while promising you the highest return on investment that you can find.

If you find yourself in need of any help improving your warehouse or expanding your operations, Speedrack Midwest of Sparta, Michigan is your single source for it all. From equipment to consulting, you can rely on our expertise to see the job through efficiently and safely. Call us today at 616-887-8886 or contact us online.