When we’re talking heavy duty storage, we’re talking structural steel pallet rack. Its ruggedness assures you double the benefits: a higher load tolerance and a higher resistance to damage and distortion than standard pallet rack.

Speedrack structural steel pallet rack offers one of the highest weight ratings of all time

You may need structural steel pallet rack to contend with a variety of issues in your warehouse, like heavy loads or a harsh work environment. However the decision is arrived at to use structural steel, you can rely on its unerring simplicity and tough disposition to serve you far into the future.

Structural steel pallet rack is made of high strength, welded steel frames with bolted connections. Its basic components are uprights, load beams, beam braces (or ties), row spacers, and some form of pallet/load support. Besides serving as a tougher alternative to standard selective pallet rack, structural steel can be used for cantilever, drive-in/drive-thru, or any kind of dynamic pallet rack.

You are given the choice when selecting Speedrack structural steel pallet rack to use structural steel beams or formed step beams for your system.


Structural steel pallet rack