Flow Rack for Non-Standard Pallets

Pallet flow rack with wide metal rollers are designed with a very specific goal in mind, and that is to accomodate the most specific pallets you have. You may use non-standard pallets, trays, or containers that don't conform to the bottom deck boards designed into standard pallets, and simply want a trusty flat surface to convey your material from one end of your rack to another without any hangups or other disruptive malfunctions. Wide metal rollers are available for any type of load, providing a near-seamless surface for your material to travel on. What's that mean? High rates of product flow, no damage to your rack, and no damage to your product.

Custom Heavy Duty Pallet Flow Systems

There is no reason to store or convey your material on rack that isn't properly designed to handle the type of material you have. Wide metal roller pallet flow rack may be just the thing for material that just can't be trusted to convey properly on plastic or metal skatewheels. Taking size, dimensions, and weight into serious consideration, you may find that heavy duty wide metal rollers are the best option in the long run, helping you reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. You know your product best, and it will be an easy decision when you see just well wide metal roller pallet flow rack conveys your particular loads.

Find The Right Flow for Your Pallet Rack

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for every business, which is why you'll want to contact a material handling expert to visit your facility and research the best plan of action based on your goals and resources. If you've run into too many obstacles conveying material with unusual dimensions, or you think that heavy duty wide metal rollers are the best type of flow system to incorporate into your pallet rack, tell the experts at Speedrack Midwest. You can fill out our contact form online or reach us at 616-887-8886. We're more than happy to talk with you about your business goals and get you the best customized solution for your warehouse.