Material Handling Solutions Based in Sparta, Michigan

As a stalwart of the material handling industry and a champion of progress, Sparta, Michigan-based Speedrack Midwest has thrived through the years providing customized material handling solutions. Since 1984 we’ve performed work for some of the world’s largest warehouses and distribution centers. With a strong emphasis on combining advanced technology with proven equipment, we’ve designed material handling systems that have led to extraordinary increases in workplace efficiency.

Your organization, like any company that utilizes material handling equipment, is in constant pursuit of perfection. Equipment is furnished and newer processes developed to manage the demands of swelling supply chains and tighter deadlines. Some stay abreast of the latest trends, and some upgrade in leaps and bounds. Speedrack Midwest, always committed to innovation, willfully straddles the line between manufacturers and technologies, knowing equipment from all manufacturers and production periods. Because your system is unique, we approach it as an individualized project that demands a customized touch and intense scrutiny.

Our work encompasses all aspects of material handling. Our engineers design warehouse facilities, distribution centers and all other material handling systems, our manufacturing plant produces a number of lines of pallet rack and accessories, and our experienced account managers consult with clients on all projects and parts orders.

Warehouse Design & Engineering

Your continued growth and success are combined into a single goal around which all our services revolve. Our work should always result in decreased costs and increased productivity. In fact, your material handling systems are easy to monitor for such improvement. We’re qualified to step in at any phase of your operation to analyze its current output and improve it. So whether you’re launching a new operation, upgrading a system, or disposing of equipment, we can assist you.

Optimize your storage and distribution operations, and achieve measurable results, by entrusting your facility to our designing and engineering expertise. Your business will benefit exponentially from our assistance.

A Sturdy Foundation

In 1954, Speedrack began as a manufacturer of pallet rack, working on such innovations as prefabricated upright trusses, the boltless tri-planar connector, and push back pallet rack. While competing with the other manufacturers of its day, it blazed ahead to address problems unsolved by standard storage systems in the evolving material handling industry. Its output of reliable standard pallet rack and advanced storage products continues to this day, with operations taking up in its 340,000 square foot plant in Quincy, Michigan in 2003. Speedrack Products Group now comprises operations in manufacturing, engineering, and sales of all material handling solutions.


We are an authorized distributor for the following manufacturers:

Nashville Wire Rousseau Metal Products 3D Storage Systems Speedrack Products Group
Unex Manufacturing Interroll TGW Systems