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Industrial Metal Shelving

We have many different styles of industrial metal shelving for any number of applications. All are economical and highly customizable so that you can build and rebuild according to your needs. Boltless shelving can be configured and reconfigured very speedily, thanks to an assembly built upon lugs or studs. Other kinds, like steel/metal clip shelving, are heavier duty and can be relied on to accommodate heavier loads.

Metal shelving can be useful in retail, commercial, or industrial settings, as storage centers for inventory, parts, supplies, and more. Here are a number of brands we carry and install:

  • Burroughs
  • InterRoyal
  • RiveTier
  • Rivet Rite
  • Rousseau
  • Spider
  • Series 2000
  • Wedge-Lock

 Installation of Rousseau shelving system