The greatest motive for using drive-in or drive-through pallet rack is cube utilization. No other system attains the high density storage of these two, which allow forklift drivers to enter load bays to deposit and retrieve loads at any depth of the rack. Palletized loads sit on rails, and can be loaded from and unloaded to the aisle at the same level at which they rest.

Recessed cant-leg uprights that face the aisle give forklifts more clearance to maneuver. Because drive-in and drive-through systems make the most of available volume, they are considered the best for cold storage facilities, where space restrictions are high.

Both systems also work well with homogeneous products or for operations with high throughput. Drive-in racks are ideal for LIFO (last in first out) operations because of this. And because forklifts can reach loads from both ends of the load bay, drive-through systems are ideal for FIFO (first in first out) operations. For storage of perishable goods or anything with a short shelf life, drive-in and drive-through rack are your greatest options.

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Drive in pallet rack

Drive through pallet rack