Dynamic Pallet Rack

Dynamic for two reasons: moving parts and innovation.

Dynamic pallet rack is designed to convey loads from where they are originally deposited to another part of the rack, like a receiving area or deeper into storage. For example, push back pallet rack uses rolling carts and modular rollback pallet rack has a full track – like a tank tread –for storing and conveying palletized loads.

Dynamic pallet rack is so innovative because, through its modifications, it’s helped to improve cube utilization and speed up shipping and receiving operations. While still boasting the strength of its static counterparts, dynamic pallet rack permits denser storage and faster handling.

Pallet flow for time-sensitive storage and distribution

For businesses that deal in perishable goods, or anything with an expiration date that needs to ship fast, dynamic pallet rack will typically be your starting point. Depending on the configuration, it can work terrifically for FIFO and LIFO operations.

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