Similar to push back pallet rack, modular rollback relies on gravity to keep the most recently loaded pallet at the front of the load bay for picking. But instead of nested rolling carts, a heavy duty slatted track extends the entire depth of the rack and rolls as pallets are placed on it and pushed back. This conveyor-like rack can have lanes in excess of 15 loads deep and support up to 3000lbs per pallet.

Modular rollback pallet rack makes it possible to reduce your number of aisles, freeing up extra space and more densely storing your product together. Because all loads move as a unit on the same track, modular rollback rack affords more reliable conveyance than other dynamic pallet rack. Also because of its lengthy track, you can safely store damaged pallets or unusually shaped loads on it as well.

This is a phenomenal option for storing product in a confined space or for freeing up additional space in your facility.


Modular roll back pallet rack

Modular roll back pallet flow rack