Wire Mesh Deck

Wire mesh deck is a popular form of pallet support that consists of a welded wire grid with channel supports that sits across the load beams in pallet rack.

Advantages to using wire mesh deck

  • Fire safety: water falls directly through wire mesh deck to extinguish flames. It’s also easier to spot fire.
  • Visibility: you can see through wire mesh deck, which also makes it easier to spot fires or other pressing issues. The extra light also means you can reduce your energy bill.
  • Load control: wire mesh deck distributes the full weight of its load to the load beams, meaning that you’re taking full advantage of your system’s weight ratings and keeping your product on a sturdy platform, too.

Types of wire mesh deck

  • Standard (outside waterfall): fit inside step beams and transfer weight to the inside step.
  • Inside waterfall: keeps wire obscured from view, distributes weight the same as standard.
  • Flared channel: better for box channel or structural beams, also distributes weight to the top of the load beam.
  • Flush: obscures wire from view like the inside waterfall, but without any curve in the wire
  • Inverted channel: has upside down support channels to prevent buildup of debris, so is ideal for food storage or other sensitive product.
  • Upturned waterfall: the wire can be bent upward to prevent product from falling off the rack.

Shop new and used wire mesh deck

You can choose the gauge of your wire and number of channel supports based on your capacity. Wire mesh deck also comes in different finishes to suit particular conditions.