You have options when you consider pallet flow systems. Besides innovative dynamic pallet rack styles like push back or modular rollback, more traditional roller or wheel systems may meet your requirements. These work exceedingly well as pick modules, dependably shifting pallets into position for offloading at the front of the pick face.

  • Plastic polycarbonate/resin wheels: these wide-treaded, reinforced wheels can withstand a wide range of temperatures, loads up to 4000lbs, and heavy impacts to deliver a compact storage solution.
  • Steel skatewheels: an economical choice, these are staggered to handle up to 4000lbs per pallet and can be configured for systems that need to support up to three pallets deep.
  • Wide/metal roller: irregular pallets, trays, or containers can be more handily conveyed on wide or metal rollers that are built for unusual loads and heavy weights.

We’ll help you choose the right kind of pallet flow to sync with your inventory practices and product.


D1 Mod-Pallet-Flow