Free Safety Inspections & Space Analysis

Storage rack is built to take abuse. Chances are any storage rack on your site already has. It pays to keep a watchful eye on storage rack systems as they age, as an accident related to its failure can lead to lost profits or even lives.

We offer free space analyses and safety inspections to examine facilities for damage and other structural weaknesses. The analysis also covers deficiencies in your facility’s design. Upon completion, you are presented with a written evaluation with recommendations for the improvement of your facility’s safety and layout.

We inspect your material handling systems for the benefit of your employees and your bottom line. We scrutinize every part of your system, point out weaknesses, and offer recommendations. Safety is the highest priority of all. Have our professional team at Speedrack Midwest judge the safety and space utilization of your material handling system today. We strongly urge all rack owners to complete one space analysis and safety inspection annually.


  • Factory-trained industrial equipment specialists
  • Written evaluation of your facilities
  • Written recommendations upon completion of analysis

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