Storage Cabinets

Storage, organization, security, aesthetics. That’s what you get from storage cabinets for your tools and supplies. We have a long line of modular cabinets that can be configured to store large quantities of various goods.

  • Light duty modular: 18” wide, fully opening drawers with 100lbs capacity each, this is a sensible choice for goods that will do little damage when stored or being retrieved.
  • Heavy duty modular: available in a number of dimensions, these rugged cabinets can hold 400lbs per drawer, so are naturally perfect for heavy goods and abusive environments.
  • Light duty mobile: these modular cabinets are outfitted with casters for easy transportation, and retain all the characteristics of light duty modular cabinets
  • Heavy duty mobile: 4”-6” casters and an ergonomic handle make moving these heavy duty modular cabinets a breeze.
  • CNC tool storage: specialized storage can protect sensitive CNC tools from corrosion, dust, and impacts.