Material handling solutions

  • Engineering



    We concentrate on twin disciplines in engineering: product design and project implementation. The integrity of design is paramount to the overall safety and sustained success of your system.

    Our engineers can turn the initial idea for your project into reality. Each member of our engineering group brings a unique perspective to the design process, broadening our horizons to produce your ideal solution. Their collective experience keeps your project on schedule, on budget, and within its scope. Due to their wealth of experience, they also coordinate with all storage and logistic equipment providers, fire protection services, and building vendors.

    We comply fully with Rack Manufacturers’ Institute (RMI), meet all national standards and regional code requirements, and consider the seismic dangers to your facility based on your local geography. We meticulously stay within all applicable boundaries, just as we examine your objectives, to furnish a completely acceptable plan of action before laying any groundwork. This way you’re protected from delays, missed deadlines, and lost costs.

    Hand in hand with our design services, our engineering will choose the right components to turn your system from sketch into reality.

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  • How to Minimize Downtime in Your Warehouse

    A warehouse teeming with workers over its hundreds of thousands of square feet may not experience downtime in the traditional sense, but there are plenty of ways in which time is wasted on the sly while people appear to be working their tails off. Unscheduled maintenance, long transit times, and communication hang-ups are among the most popular ways that we waste time on the job. Whether we're too lazy to fix them or too stubborn to entertain new methods, there's no denying that we're often wasting time when a little forethought and preparation will go a long way to increase productivity and reduce effort.

  • Industries

    Here are some of the industries and facilities served by Speedrack Midwest:

    • Warehousing
    • Distribution
    • Storage Facilities
    • Shipping
    • Manufacturing
    • Architecture
    • Maintenance
    • Construction
    • CNC
    • Tool & Die
    • Automotive
    • Agriculture
    • Livestock
    • Factories
    • Furniture
    • Moving
    • Boat/Marine
    • Airports
    • Rail yards
    • Ports
    • Mining
    • Quarries
    • Oil Rigs
    • Refineries
    • Steel Mills
    • Lumber Mills
    • Aeronautical
    • Security
    • Restaurant/Food Service
    • Retail
    • Wholesale
    • Repair/Service Centers
    • Hazardous Material Cleanup
    • Offices/Professional Buildings
    • Convention Centers
  • Material Handling Solutions

    Our material handling solutions encompass all aspects of your warehouse or distribution center, ranging from pallet rack and maintenance equipment to complex conveyor systems and warehouse management system software necessary to get your product out the door. If you are looking for an expert in systems integration, Speedrack Midwest has the knowledge and experience you need to grow into a professional production facility with most up-to-date equipment, standards, and practices.

    Experts in Integration

    We can assist you with upgrades, expansions, consolidations, liquidations, and much more as you seek to bring your business to the next level. Our eye is always on the safest, most practical way to achieve the operational efficiency you need to make the return on your investment and keep growing for the future.

    Our strategic partnerships with numerous material handling suppliers and original equipment manufacturers give us the means to find the right equipment for you. At the same time, we maintain a firm stance on vendor neutrality so that we get you the customized system you need without anything that stands in the way of your efficiency.

    Solutions for Every Corner of Your Warehouse

    Of the many services we can extend to you, our core set of services extends to the following categories as we help you integrate your material handling solutions.

    • Design: find yourself looking at the best design options for your warehouse based on heavy research into your needs and capabilities. Our customized integrated solutions will make the most of your budget and available space.
    • Engineering: we meticulously plan out your whole system and choose the right equipment from specific suppliers to ensure that your integrated material handling system runs the way it should.
    • Installation and Removal: rely on our selection of the best people to get the job done, prioritizing safety and speed as our crews work inside your facility.
    • FREE Space Analysis and Safety Inspection: let us survey your pallet rack and integrated material handling systems to find potential safety hazards and efficiency shortfalls before providing you with a full report of our recommendations.
    • Inventory liquidation: if you need to sell off your equipment due to a closure, consolidation, or move, we can manage the removal and disposal of all your assets, while promising you the highest return on investment that you can find.

    If you find yourself in need of any help improving your warehouse or expanding your operations, Speedrack Midwest of Sparta, Michigan is your single source for it all. From equipment to consulting, you can rely on our expertise to see the job through efficiently and safely. Call us today at 616-887-8886 or contact us online.

  • Material Handling Systems Integration

    Warehouse systems integrationWhile you can outfit your warehouse or distribution center with the best pallet rack, sortation systems, conveyor lines, and warehouse management software the entire material handling industry has to offer, none of it will add up to anything without an overarching plan tying it all together. Material handling systems integration is the process by which the different sections of your facility are combined and made to work together as a single seamless operation.

    A Commitment to Clean Design

    At Speedrack Midwest, our goal is to help you accomplish your goals by looking at the bigger picture. Our design philosophy revolves around what is right for your entire building, placing a heavy emphasis on cleanness and simplicity. That's how we determine where you will meet your optimal efficiency and achieve the best return on investment.

    It is never about the individual components that make up your facility, but about how it all works together. This mindset allows us to work with multiple vendors and entertain material handling solutions that work specifically for you. That way you are sure to get the systems and equipment you need, integrated in a way that increases production while maintaining a steadfast commitment to safety.

    Determining the Integrity of Your Warehouse

    Integrity is a good word to think about when you're considering its derivative: integration. The concept revolves around wholeness and solidity, not just of personal character, but of structures like your warehouse or DC, too. In fact, your production facility consists of many things that are integral to its overall design, and we like to factor many of them into our research to determine where you can best improve your operations. Some of the areas in which we can help are the following:

    • Operational analysis: time studies and other tests can be run to find out where production is getting held up, which helps us figure out what parts of your facility need improvement.
    • Consolidation: if your space is not being utilized properly or things are too spread about, we can look into maximizing your available space to help with storage and product flow in your warehouse or DC.
    • SKU analysis: get the right product to the right place in your warehouse with the right systems and software, no matter how many kinds of products or packages you have.
    • Warehouse management systems (WMS): software to track productivity and pinpoint problems can be chosen to best monitor your operations.
    • Pallet rack, shelving, and storage systems: integrating your storage based on product flow in your facility is our specialty. Your storage systems will be perfectly integrated with your conveyor lines, and can incorporate picking, sorting, and packaging operations.
    • Conveyor systems: choose the right type of conveyor to transport your product throughout your production facility to meet your efficiency goals.
    • Picking and packing stations: Incorporate ergonomic workstations into your production line to allow your workers to perform their jobs efficiently and safely.

    There is no limit to what Speedrack Midwest can do for your warehouse. From the smallest warehouse to the largest distribution center, if you have a vision for the future and want to grow, contact us today to figure out how to get there. You can reach us at 616-887-8886 or by writing to us online.

  • New and Used Conveyor Systems

    Conveyor Solutions for Your Specific Application

    Conveyor is a vital component to any automated material handling system. It creates organization and improves efficiency by moving product quickly to where it needs to go, accomplishing what manual labor or any other method cannot. Its functions can range from simple to complex. Gravity conveyor can speed up your production and packaging lines while reducing stress on your workers. Belt driven live roller (BDLR) conveyor can handle awkwardly sized products, accumulate slugs of product, and sort as necessary to get specific product to the right place at the right time.

    webconvey2Virtually any product that you would want to move in bulk can be moved via conveyor. There's no end to the innovation available to get your product from Point A to Point B, and you are likely to find an existing model that will do exactly what you need. Businesses in warehousing, distribution, production, farming, and mining all find themselves in need of conveyor to suit specific applications. They key is identifying which model you require, and how to lay it out and implement it practically in your own facility.

    Full Integration With Your Warehouse Operations

    Speedrack Midwest is available to help integrate conveyor systems into your existing material handling system. Our material handling engineers will identify your opportunities for expansion, help determine your return on investment, and build a customized conveyor system to order for you. We stay with you every step of the way, from blueprint to installation, managing each stage of development to ensure that you get the value you need.

    We come with years of experience designing and installing integrated conveyor systems into distribution centers and warehouse all over the country. Our goal is to establish a lasting relationship with you, keeping your system running properly and growing along with your business. That's why we make it our priority to work within your budget and create a realistic ROI, to work with the best partners and procure the right equipment for your needs, and to maintain your conveyor system so that your newfound efficiency never desists.

    Popular Conveyor Models to Choose From

    Whatever your facility requires, we have a solution ready. These are a handful of the most popular types of conveyor we work with everyday:

    • Accumulation conveyor: holds product in place temporarily to synchronize with the speeds of downstream processes like picking, packing, sorting, or loading.
    • Ball transfer conveyor: allows for easy, precise manual movement and orientation of products at work stations.
    • Belt driven live roller conveyor: for conveying product of all shapes and sizes on the same line; an incredibly versatile design.
    • Chain driven live roller conveyor: convey heavy items like full pallets and drums using this heavy duty design.
    • Powered belt conveyor: allows for quiet, smooth transportation of products for inspection, shipping, and receiving.
    • Extendable and flexible conveyor: easily stowed sections that can be assembled and lengthened to connect different lines for fast manual delivery of product.
    • Gravity conveyor: placed level or on an incline, these are an essential part of any warehouse and cabe useful for basic transportation, unloading, packing, or loading.
    • Pallet conveyor: for heavy duty transportation of fully-sized, fully-loaded pallets; ideal for unloading, wrapping, and loading operations.
    • Portable conveyor: use to plug the gaps and turn big tasks into small ones.
    • Vertical reciprocating conveyor: move product between levels of your facility in one location.

    We thrive on the challenge of finding the right solution for your material handling needs. If you're in the market for a new or used conveyor system to fit your specific application, contact Speedrack Midwest at 616-887-8886 or write to us online to schedule a meeting.

  • Services for Material Handling Solutions




    Speedrack Midwest extends a full complement of services for your material handling solutions. We’re ready to assist you with your system in whatever stage and condition it is in. Just starting out? We’ll design and install. Looking to improve? Consult us for a remodel. On the move? Have us remove your material handling systems. We design, engineer, install, remove, and liquidate all material handling systems and equipment.

    Material handling solutions are our livelihood. We couldn’t pride ourselves on our business if we didn’t know -- or continue to learn -- everything about it. If you need work done and you want a full, honest effort, contact us. You’ll find that we have the intuition for creating and maintaining excellent systems, and a gift for ingenuity that will introduce efficiency to your operations.

    We’re proud of our work, but we’re even prouder of the success you derive from it. You need to be running at your most efficient, so that’s where we put you.