Running out of pallet rack spaceA full warehouse can mean a few different things, depending on whom you ask. It might mean that sales are down and product isn't moving. Or it could be a dream come true if it means you're outgrowing your original building. In any case, there's one person who's guaranteed to be anxious about space getting tight, and that's the warehouse manager.

A lack of storage space is the biggest fear for someone who can't afford to turn away trucks or leave product out in the open. But before you overwhelm yourself with thoughts of moving, renting space, scouting out new property, breaking leases, or maintaining productivity during a move, there are a few things you should consider. Doing so may save you from having to move at all. Some may even improve the way you manage your business.

Wrong mix of inventory: How long have some products been sitting on your shelves? Do your research and pick a good turnover period for all your products. If one product doesn't make the cut, reduce your inventory or scrap it altogether to free up available storage space. That's it. A change in your inventory management may be the only solution you need. It'll help you shake up your product lines and invigorate your marketing while you're at it.

Inefficient rack design: It can be hard to tell if a space is merely cluttered when you have it in your head that it's full. But if you reorient your thinking and really examine your pallet rack by using drawings and doing walkthroughs, you might be surprised at the improvements that jump out at you. With all appropriate safety considerations in mind, you might find places where shelf levels can be added, or rows of rack that should be repositioned to maximize your available space.

Poor space utilization: It's possible that you don't have the best type of storage system for your product. VNA (Very Narrow Aisle), drive-in, and drive-thru pallet rack take up a lot less space than standard pallet rack, and may better suit your fulfillment procedures. Some styles of push-back rack may also fit the bill if you're working with homogeneous products.

Wasted vertical space: When you're tacking an issue like warehouse space, it pays to keep your chin up. Literally. Look at how much vertical space you have. Are you using it all? It just might be that you can maximize your storage space by claiming the air above you. Taller rack, tunnel bays, or a mezzanine to relocate smaller product storage or make room for office space are all options available to you.

If you think there's hope that you can improve your current situation, then we do, too. The material handling professionals at Speedrack Midwest can lend their expertise toward ensuring the future of your warehouse. Contact our Sparta, Michigan office today at 616-887-8886 or by writing in to our website to schedule a consultation and begin your project today.