trash-can-1419122-639x736It's not a popular position to take, but sometimes you have to play the party pooper. With winter on its way out the door, along with all the stresses it takes on warehouse and distribution center managers, you'd think that this is the time of year to rejoice. But thanks to an age-old tradition (which we're quick to deny was our idea), this is such a great time of year for cleaning that the very act is named after the season. That's right. It's time for spring cleaning. So lest we fall into another winter funk, let's take a positive approach to waste removal and accident cleanup. Anyplace can benefit from a deep clean every now and then, so think of all the things you can do to keep your warehouse clean all year long.

Steps for A Clean Warehouse

Supply plenty of waste and recycling bins: The more bins you have, the faster and easier it is for workers to locate and use them, and the harder it is to defend not using them. Make it inexcusable to have a messy workplace by making proper waste disposal the easier option. Bins make up a small investment that pays big dividends, so don't scrimp. You can foster the kind of work culture you want by keeping things tidy and well-organized.

Clearly mark your waste areas: The best way to discourage your workers is to complicate their work. If they need to get rid of waste, don't force them to hunt down the nearest bin. Clearly marking out designated waste areas saves time and energy, and cuts down on everyone's frustration. Make sure everyone can do their jobs completely and take care of their own waste.

Make waste removal a routine task: Taking out the trash shouldn't be an afterthought. Make it clear to your workers that a messy workplace signifies an unfinished job. This encompasses filling out bins and emptying them into dumpsters regularly. Waste removal is a fluid part of the production process, and needs to be as monitored as any other aspect of your work.

Assign cleaning zones to workers: Making workers responsible for clearly defined work areas lets you hold your workers accountable, while also communicating your warehouse's needs more effectively. Clear expectations should be your goal, letting you track your progress and measure your workers' success without causing any confusion.

Stock up on cleaning supplies: Waste may by definition be a mess, but the process of cleaning it up shouldn't be. Equip your workers with the right tools and supplies tool gather up and dispose of whatever material it is you regularly get rid of. That includes dust, cardboard, wood shavings, metal waste, and more.

Predict accidents before they happen: Whatever solids and liquids you work with, realize that they will make their way onto your warehouse floor whether you like it or not. Have contingencies in place to quickly treat oil spills, hazardous chemical spills, damaged inventory, sharp metal waste, and more. If you're scrambling to fix a problem that you could see coming a mile away, you can't blame anyone but yourself for the wasted time it takes to get things under control.

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