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Boat storage racksGet the Jump on a New Dry Boat Storage Rack

Maybe it's the first whiff of moisture in the air, maybe it's the feel of the first breeze in months that doesn't bite you to the bone, or maybe it's just the fact that Spring has officially begun, but the month of April awakens the instinct in many an old salt to rip the canvas off the MasterCraft before finding the nearest body of water to plunk it into. That's right; it's almost boating season.

Which makes it just the right time of year for marina owners to consider what winter nests your members have for their boats. While they're flushing out the antifreeze, you can use the time to research the practicality of installing (or overhauling) your own boat storage rack, so that when next year comes, your boaters come to you first thing.

The Boating Industry is Booming

Recreational boating has been on the rise, and if you want to gain a source of secondary income, you should take the "shop for winter jackets in the spring"-mentality and get a plan for your own boat storage services in place, because before you know it, it'll be September and everyone will have stored their boats elsewhere.

In Michigan alone, the boating industry has been claimed to account for a $7.4 billion impact on the economy, when fishing and tourism are taken into consideration, and it's been growing steadily since 2011. "Boats have become the cottage for a lot of folks..." Darwin Baranski, Parks, Buildings, and Grounds Manager for the City of Bay City, told MLive in 2012. Cheaper than real estate, an easy escape, boats - especially pontoons - are hot buys for a middle class that has weathered hard times and back-to-back miserable winters.

Pair the repairing economy with lower gas prices, and you're looking at a new level of affordability that is turning many window shoppers into serious buyers. As with any purchase of this magnitude, a new boat brings with it the responsibilities of ownership, and owners will be on the lookout for accessories and services to keep their investment in the best shape.

Low prices on equipment and installation equal low cost per boat position.

The Economics of Boat Storage Rack

With more boats on the water, marina owners can now take advantage of the increased demand for professional boat storage services, which may involve installing a new system or updating and expanding the one you have. If it sounds like an unnecessary endeavor, consider how affordable it is to install, and its lucrative potential after the fact.

You're looking at a possible ROI in just one year with a new boat storage rack system. For a better idea, picture this project we just did for a Michigan marina, wherein all costs including installation came in to just under $384 per boat position. That's a one-time cost for rack that will last years with the right care. Set the right price, hit your quota, and you're sitting on a solid profit booster for seasons to come.

Across the nation the boating industry is catching fire, so marinas and boat storage facilities should have their hands full storing boats away from shore, winterizing, and servicing them to keep customers happy. This is the best time to surf the wave, offer a clean, safe environment for your customer's boats, and set competitive prices to keep them coming back.

Don't sit back and watch it happen. Learn more about dry boat storage racks on our website or contact us now for a free quote.